Body Paint Spray 125ml – Black


Product Description

This body paint spray is a great way to transform into a totally new character. Make-up does not just stop at the face for most characters, so step outside the box, commit to the look you desire and cover yourself in body paint!

Test a small area of skin prior to use (skin sensitivity test).
Should a skin reaction appear, do not use the product.

Protect surroundings and clothing to avoid staining.  


Shake the can well before use and frequently during application. Holding the can upright, spray in short bursts from a distance of 20cm on to dry skin avoiding face and eyes.

Achieve the desired colour intensity by applying successive coats, allowing the layers to dry in between applications.

To remove, wash off with water and soap. Do not use on children, for adults only. Store & use at room temperature.

Do not apply to damaged, inflamed or sensitive skin. If product enters the eye wash out with plenty of clean water. If irritation persists, seek medical advice.

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